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my preferred pronouns are ze/zir, but any pronouns that are not she/her are okay.
if you ever have a question or just want to tell someone, feel free to come to me! i get lonely easily so please talk to me <3. i promise i won't get annoyed.
i identify as: agender, asexual, panromantic, polyamorous, Muslim, white, vegan.
if we are in a mutual, please tag:
if we're in a mutual, ask me for my new blog.
if we're not, you'll see me around. i'll still be posting here, and checking the ask box.

some darling people are:
01 are you muslim?

yes. i consider myself hypenated: a unitarian universalist-muslim. i was raised uu and i didn't want to get rid of that part of my indentity.
02 how can you be queer/feminist and muslim?

easily. god is forgiving and lovely. people in power (read: men) have manipulated and mistranslated his words to suit their own purposes. that does not mean that islam is, by nature, patriarchal or any such thing. the same can be said of most major religions.